AAPMD Liaisons

Leaders in Raising Community Awareness for Airway Health

Our Why

The Liaisons’ goal is to establish cooperative healthcare networks tailored to local community needs. They do this by creating collaboration protocols between practitioners and the public.

Who We Are

The AAPMD Liaisons are a group of interdisciplinary healthcare professionals who are passionate about Airway Health and eager to spread the word about AAPMD’s mission and learning opportunities.

Local Liaison groups are actively forming across the country with the goal of educating and raising awareness about Airway Health.

Comprised of interdisciplinary healthcare professionals and non-practitioner supporters, these groups work to promote the mission of AAPMD and improve the lives of those affected by airway-related disorders.

Becoming an AAPMD Liaison offers numerous benefits, including opportunities for professional growth, networking with like-minded individuals, staying informed on the latest research and treatments, and making a positive impact in the community by raising awareness and educating about Airway Health.

Liaisons come from a variety of specialties including MDs, ENTs, dentists, speech language pathologists, and more.

The AAPMD Liaisons include practitioners from a range of disciplines, such as physical therapists, breathing practitioners, clinical massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, TMJ therapists, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, and sleep consultants. Even gynecologists and IBCLCs who are interested in "Gestational SA" and the effects on fetal development can be part of the group. Non-practitioner supporters like teachers and parents are also welcome to participate.

To learn about becoming an AAPMD Liaison or attending aa AAPMD Liaison  Study Club Meeting, contact Stacey Larkin at stacey@aapmd.org

What We Do

AAPMD Liaisons take an active leadership role in promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and education about Airway Health in their communities.

AAPMD Liaisons work to develop professional referral networks and airway health awareness within their communities.

AAPMD Liaisons serve a crucial role in promoting and educating about airway health. They recruit and collaborate with other practitioners to provide the best possible care for patients. Liaisons also serve as advocates, spreading awareness about airway health issues and treatment options to the public. Through their work, they contribute to a global movement that prioritizes collaboration, education, and public awareness about the importance of airway health.

Becoming an AAPMD Liaison is an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by airway-related disorders. As a Liaison, you will have the chance to contribute to a global movement that prioritizes collaboration, education, and public awareness about Airway Health. Join us today and be part of the solution!

How We Do It

AAPMD Liaisons build local collaborative teams and study clubs, consisting of practitioners from various disciplines who come together to learn, share knowledge and network with each other.

The goal of the Liaison Program is to help practitioners gain a better understanding of how providers of various disciplines contribute to airway health.

AAPMD Liaisons host periodic study club meetings - virtually and in person.  Sessions feature guest speakers, educational content, research presentations and updates from Liaison Chapter Presidents.

They also create referral networks and advocate for public awareness about airway health issues and treatment options.

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