Functional Medicine

Integrating Functional Medicine: Enhancing Patient Care and Wellness through Collaborative Approach

The functional medicine section of the AAPMD is vital as it fosters a space where doctors from diverse specialties collaboratively learn, enhancing patient outcomes. By bridging the often-overlooked connection between dentistry and medicine, it ensures a comprehensive approach, emphasizing the interrelation of oral health to overall wellness. Furthermore, functional medicine’s unique holistic perspective offers tailored treatments, significantly elevating the standard of patient care.

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What is the mission of the functional medicine section of the AAPMD?
The section focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to managing chronic diseases and conditions. By integrating various specialties, we aim for a more comprehensive and holistic treatment strategy.
Who can become a member of the functional medicine section?
The section seeks doctors from allergy, ENT, pulmonology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, cardiology, and rheumatology. This diversity promotes rich interdisciplinary collaboration, ensuring all facets of health are addressed.
How does collaboration among different medical specialties enhance the functional medicine approach?
Collaboration offers a holistic view of patient health, addressing multiple issues simultaneously. This integrated strategy ensures that underlying causes, not just symptoms, are tackled, providing better patient care.
How can I contribute to the mission of the functional medicine section?
By joining, members can offer their expertise and collaborate with peers from different specialties. This mutual exchange of knowledge strengthens the approach and helps in refining treatment strategies.
Can practitioners from traditional medicine backgrounds benefit from joining the functional medicine section?
Absolutely, traditional medicine practitioners can gain insights into holistic approaches and treatments. Their conventional expertise complements the interdisciplinary focus, enriching the overall patient care strategy.
How does the functional medicine section handle the relationship between oral health and overall health?
The section recognizes that oral health is intrinsically linked to overall well-being. By integrating oral health assessments and treatments into the broader care strategy, we ensure a comprehensive approach to patient health.

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