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The AAPMD webinar series showcases diverse experts from many disciplines, offering a rich tapestry of insights and strategies to better patient care. Designed to deepen knowledge and refine practice, these webinars equip professionals with essential tools they can use to enhance patient outcomes. Webinars are free to AAPMD members. $35 per program for non-members.

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Sleep Disordered Breathing: Is Our Treatment Protocol Correct?

AAPMD LIAISONS CoLAB Meeting – December 8, 2022

The Trigeminal Cervical Complex

Palate Expansion in the Under-6’s: Expanding The Foundation for Better Sleep, Function and Healthspan

Collaboration Cures Presents Protecting and Restoring Brain Health

AAPMD Functional Medicine Section: Herbal Medicine for Oral Systemic Health

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Diet, Inflammation, and Sleep

Background: Current evidence supports the central role of a subclinical, low-grade inflammation in a number of chronic illnesses and mental disorders; however, studies on sleep quality are scarce.

Sleep Care: An Interdisciplinary Collaborative Sleep Model

This JAMA article discusses that recognizing and fostering a collaborative approach for the care of sleep medicine patients through education and intentionally designed clinical systems.

Springtime: Tips to Clean Up Your Oral Health

Read this article by experts about how to properly care for your teeth. Here’s what they said about finding a dentist, whitening your teeth at home, and whether daily flossing
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