Creating opportunities worldwide for children to be their BEST.

AAPMD’s Endeavour Pediatric Section members are multidisciplinary healthcare professionals working together to ensure little people — 71 months and under — with airway issues do not grow into big people with airway issues.

Who We Are

Endeavour is a global group of like-minded professionals focused on everything related to Airway in the pediatric health community.

What We Do

We address the root causes of preventable illnesses, especially as it relates to nasal breathing, restful sleep, nutrition, and inflammation.

How We Do It

We help develop screening tools, educate practitioners with monthly webinars, and emphasize and coordinate multidisciplinary treatment.

FAQ Answered By Our Doctors

Our Inception

Endeavour formed during the covid19 pandemic amidst the lockdown across the United States in 2019. Incredibly, several pediatric members simultaneously reached out to one another to seize on the opportunity to come together. Understanding that treating children requires collaborative care, and that the majority of children are seen by general practitioners, Endeavor formed this international and diverse group of leaders in the field. Endeavor has been meeting weekly since its inception.

Members Include:

General Dentists, Pediatric Dentists, Orthodontists, Speech Pathologists, Registered Dental Hygienists, Research and PhD Sleep Specialists.

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Authors of Endeavour

The Clinician’s Handbook for Dental Sleep Medicine

Steve Carstensen

Brave Parent

Susan Maples

Sleep Wrecked Kids

Sharon Moore

Breathe, Sleep, Thrive

Shereen Lim

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Who We Are

The AAPMD Endeavour Section is the brainchild of Drs. Kevin Boyd and Lauren Ballinger and coalesced during the Covid pandemic shutdown in 2020. It is a global group of like-minded, interdisciplinary professionals focused on everything related to Airway Health in the Pediatric Community. It is a think tank and a guiding force to move the healthcare community from CURIOUS to ADVANCED so that every community has a treatment team to expertly QUARTERBACK for children with airway issues.

What We Do

As a think tank with weekly virtual meetings, we focus on the root causes of PREVENTABLE childhood illnesses, especially as it relates to IMMUNITY: nasal breathing, restful sleep, nutrition, inflammation. Our goals are many: create a world where children can thrive from birth with optimum orofacial and upper airway health; create a worldwide community of people helping children grow and develop into healthy adults through the elimination of ECC, ECM, EUAD; create a world where children can be their BEST (breathe, eat, sleep and thrive). We acknowledge that adults with airway and sleep disorders began as children with airway and sleep disorders and that the #1 risk factor for the development of pediatric OSA is craniotomy-facial structure, which can be modified.

How We Do It

There are multiple ways in which we address childhood airway issues. Some of our members are part of the Pediatric Airway Screening Task Force which is working with the ADA to craft an easy-to-use, validated screening form for practitioners to identify the risk of an airway problem in all children. Individually we have created screening tools to help caregivers recognize symptoms of airway issues and work with practitioners of all disciplines to implement a treatment plan. We present monthly AAPMD webinars with a pediatric focus and share this knowledge via abstracts and forms with those who attend. And most importantly, we develop collaborative pathways with multidisciplinary practitioners, the necessary piece for optimal outcomes.