Navigating the Subtle Threat of Airway-Centered Disorder (ACD): The Unseen Issue Impacting Breathing Round-the-Clock, Especially During Sleep

Are You at Risk?

Facing persistent health concerns like fatigue, chronic pain, or relentless stress? Witnessing your child grapple with behavioral challenges, allergies, or asthma? Are you or your child on treatments for conditions like high blood pressure, anxiety, or diabetes? Consider this: there’s an often-overlooked culprit behind these ailments - Airway-Centered Disorder (ACD). It’s time to bring this hidden issue to light.

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What is ACD?

Airway-Centered Disorder (ACD) impacts how we breathe because it increases the amount of effort we put into breathing just to survive. When not recognized, the expressions of the ACD are treated and the underlying disorder remains.

Risk Factors

No age group is immune from poor airway health. Often associated with older, obese men, ACD or other manifestations of poor airway health can be present in infants, children, teens, young adults, and slender women!

Treatment Plans

We believe that opening one’s airway can have a dramatic effect on the ability to function in everyday life, on one’s physical appearance, and on overall long-term health. We also believe that ACD, in its various forms, is a missing link in medicine today.
For more information, education and resources on airway related health issues, visit the Foundation for Airway Health website.
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