Forward Head Position: Smartphone, Airway, or Both?

Forward Head Position: Smartphone, Airway, or Both?

An obstructed airway and the repeated checking of your phone can lead to a forward head position posture, resulting in neck pain and other problems.

If caused by any of the many factors that lead to an obstructed airway, then it is compensation to breathe better.

The “Hidden Airway” problem has many forms and faces and is often not recognized. A forward head position can be a clue to its presence.

A collaborative team approach leads to the best treatment result. Often, even when the obstruction is removed, habitual posture affects muscles and fascia.

The vital role of the physical therapist as a member of the collaborative team approach to airway / sleep disorders will be featured in a full-day workshop at the AAPMD Airway Summit. We hope to see you there!