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Certificate in the Buteyko Breathing Method with Patrick McKeown

June 1, 2023 - June 3, 2023

Course Description

As a certified Buteyko Method Instructor you will be able to facilitate huge positive changes in people’s lives. The Buteyko Method can help your clients overcome some of the most common and debilitating health problems. You will learn how to apply the techniques with clients whatever their age, health or goals. The breathing method is easy for anyone to successfully integrate into their routine. Your clients will see improvements in relation to stress, sleep, energy, focus and nervous system balance, along with many other vital health parameters.

Included in this course:

  • Everything you need to teach the Buteyko Method in simple, actionable steps.
  • Lifetime access to a virtual learning portal which includes step-by-step training in the Buteyko Method.
  • Lifetime access to our online library with all the latest scientific research papers regarding breathing science.
  • Access to any future live zoom classes Patrick delivers (every 3 months) AND his monthly refresher classes for Buteyko Clinic certified instructors.
  • Membership of Buteyko Professionals International (BPI).
  • Ongoing support from our dedicated expert team via our Members Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/buteykoclinicinstructors/.
  • Dedicated support via email, regular newsletters and phone if required.
  • Access to our Buteyko Clinic App for your clients (free download).


  1. Assess breathing patterns in pediatric and adult client population.
  2. Gain an understanding of breathing pattern disorders and its effect on craniofacial development, sleep disorders, mental and respiratory health in children and adults.
  3. Explore strategies to help restore nasal breathing and functional breathing during wakefulness and sleep. Treating the nose does not guarantee persistent nasal breathing. For many patients, it is necessary to change the mouth breathing behavior.
  4. Examine the relationship between breathing patterns during wakefulness and the phenotypes of sleep apnea.
  5. Know which breathing exercises and daily program to teach for each of the following:
    1. Sleep disordered breathing
    2. Anxiety and panic attacks
    3. Asthma and respiratory health
    4. Children with dysfunctional breathing patterns
  6. Work with different breathing protocols according to the patients health, age and breathing pattern, offering a tailored approach for for improved outcomes.


The Vivos Institute
7001 Tower Road, Suite B
Denver, CO United States