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LIVE STREAM or IN-PERSON, Lincoln, NE – Occlusal-Cervical Restoration Course – An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Treatment of Patterned Occlusal Pathomechanics

March 13, 2021 - March 14, 2021

This advanced course was designed to assist the dentist or the health care professional who is interested in occlusal pathomechanics and patterned behavior. Occlusal tooth contact competition and sense of over-referenced occlusal interference can induce muscle hyperactivity in the orofacial region, of the plantar flexors of the foot, and of the cervical muscles. These same muscles indirectly and directly regulate breathing patterns and compensation necessary for unilateral postural dominance. Specific cervical assessment tests, equilibration recommendations and PRI non-manual activities will demonstrate how optimizing appliance re-occlusion sensation for centric oral upright airway position, in the dental office, can minimize the above listed hyperactivity.

Upright alternating shifting of body mass and mandibular lateral translation through specific posterior lateral occlusal sensory awareness will remind the course attendee that oscillatory alternating lateral excursion of the mandible is the most important activity generated by the sphenoid-directed occlusion for oro-pharyngeal, glossal, supra-hyoid, and infra-mandibular non-pathomechanic alignment and rest. Acquisition of cranial mass sense of shift, and accompanying non-cranial mass sense of shift through plantar cutaneous afferent awareness, will be demonstrated through the use of a mandibular appliance that generates posterior lateral periodontal receptor awareness.

Prior attendance of Cervical Revolution is required. *Dentists may attend without prior attendance of Cervical Revolution.

ONE TIME 20% special interdisciplinary team discount for those attending this upcoming course on March 13-14th, either in-person or via live stream with their collaborating interdisciplinary professional.
*Both must register in order to receive discount.*
Discount Code: PTDENTIST21



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