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TMD and Sleep Mini-Residency – Online + In Person

October 2, 2023 - April 20, 2024

A hybrid program on treating maxillofacial discrepancies, malocclusion, masticatory-temporomandibular joint disorders, and dental sleep medicine for pediatrics and adults.
While you have time to sign up, it is essential to get to planning early because there are only a limited number of spaces, 10 people for hands-on/in-person sessions! We look forward to seeing you there!
This comprehensive course is delivered in 3 Learning Modules:
1 – Session 1, Online Self-study (4 hours)
2 – Session 2, On-site (2-days) January 26-27, 2024 –12715 Bel-Red Road Suite 200, Bellevue, WA 98005
3 – Session 3, On-site (2-days) April 19-20, 2024 – 12715 Bel-Red Road Suite 200, Bellevue, WA 98005
SESSION 1 – Online introductory Session: 4 hours of pre-recorded webinars.
1. Review of head and neck anatomy related explicitly to craniofacial pain, masticatory-TMJ, and upper airway disorders.
2. Review normal growth and development, occlusion, and masticatory function.
3. The etiology of malocclusion, masticatory, and temporomandibular joint disorders.
4. Normal upper airway function, sleep, and etiology of sleep-related breathing disorders – obstructive sleep apnea.
5. Imaging of the TMJ and use of CBCT and MRI as diagnostic modalities.
6. Instruction on analog and digital impressions for fabrication of orthotics and hybrid oral sleep -orthodontics – TMJ appliances.
At the end of this session, participants are encouraged to take digital or analog impressions from themselves. Custom appliances will be fabricated and available at the next hands-on/in-person session for practice.
SESSION 2 – Two days
Friday, January 26 2024 – Saturday, January 27, 2024
By the end of session 2, the dental practitioner should be confidently managing mild to moderate adult obstructive sleep apnea patients, have physician referral networks in place for pediatric and adult SRBD-OSA patients, have medical insurance reimbursement implemented, be ready for various dental sleep medicine accreditation programs, and have their practice set up for dental sleep medicine success.
Participants: Pedodontists, Dentists, Hygienists, Orthodontists
Prerequisites: None for managing SRBD-OSA
SRBD-OSA: How to manage snoring, bruxism, and mild to moderate OSA in adult patients
How to screen, evaluate, manage and make referrals for children – teenage patients with OSA
SESSION 3: Two days
Friday, April 19, 2024 – Saturday, April 20, 2024
Participants: Pedodontists, Dentists, Hygienists, Orthodontists
Prerequisites:  Should have taken session two, had previous experience using aligners if interested in providing orthodontics by using hybrid oral sleep-orthodontics -TMJ appliances.
SRBD-OSA: How to manage and treat snoring, bruxism, and mild to moderate OSA in adult and growing patients

M-TMJD: How to manage and treat masticatory and mild to moderate myofascial and intracapsular issues in adult and growing patients



October 2, 2023
April 20
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Online and In-Person


Comprehensive Treatment Seminars