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Designed by national experts in the field of Airway and Sleep, this one day, intensive workshop, designed specifically for Dental Hygienists and Nurses, will address the unique challenges you may face incorporating Airway and Sleep in your practice.

Hands-on training will provide you with skill refreshers, and new approaches and techniques not found anywhere else. Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned practitioner, this program will strengthen your understanding of the core elements of screening for airway and sleep disorders, as well as delve into contemporary perspectives and practices for the management of this complex population. The collaborative environment will foster interaction, sharing and growth.

Number one killer in the world.

Our nation faces serious health care challenges, now and in the years ahead – an aging and more diverse population, more chronic conditions, rising costs and a shortage of providers are threatening the health of our nation.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) causes disruptive, non-restorative sleep and decreases the body’s oxygen levels. This results in systemic inflammation and damage to the heart and brain over time. Patients are often sleepy and can have difficulty concentrating , with accompanying memory problems.

Did you know? Although 1 in 4 adults have an airway health problem, less than 15% are aware of it? The Foundation for Airway Health has made it their mission to raise airway health awareness to 50% by 2020.

We need YOU!

Are you a healthcare provider who thinks critically? Are you curious why the body responds the way it does to life’s stressors, to food, to disease, to treatment and medications?

Do you want to be considered a scientist and innovator – a change agent for the world of health care today?

Commit to expanding your knowledge and let’s lock arms to ‘carefront’ this Airway Epidemic together.

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