Chronic Inflammation


It is now widely acknowledged in the professional medical community that chronic inflammation of any sort can seriously affect health and even shorten one’s life.

Why is chronic inflammation important?

Inflammation is our body’s defense in response to injury or disease, and is necessary for restoring health. Chronic inflammation, however, is the result of a malfunctioning immune system. Chronic inflammation is now being linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, chronic pain, and Alzheimer disease.

What is the connection between airway, sleep and chronic inflammation?

Lack of sleep, poor sleep or SDB increases the tendency to chronic inflammation. The conditions produced by chronic inflammation can, in turn, cause increased sleep/airway problems, sending an individual’s health into a downward spiral.

Why is an interdisciplinary approach necessary/essential?

Chronic inflammation shows itself in many forms. As a result, one may be seeing several practitioners for different conditions, all of which have a chronic inflammatory component. Ideal treatment requires a collaboration among treating practitioners, identifying sleep and dietary contributors and encouraging and instituting positive lifestyle changes.