Sports and Academic Performance

Sports and Academic Performance

Looking to improve your performance in athletics and intellectual pursuits? Sometimes the answers are sitting right under you nose.

What is the relationship between airway, jaw position and athletic performance?

It has been demonstrated that when the lower jaw is placed in an ideal position, a more open airway is achieved, along with a calmer nervous system, increased endurance and better performance. Currently board members of the AAPMD are collaborating on a research project with a major university to provide more evidence to validate these findings.

What is the difference between “boil and bite” appliances and custom appliances?

Custom performance appliances are designed for the anatomical structures of the individual. Boil and bite or over the counter appliances can not achieve the same results, but the better ones will provide benefits at a reduce cost.

Do performance guards also provide protection?

These mouth guards can provide protection of the teeth providing they fit well and have adequate thickness. It will also prevent and reduce injuries from blows to the jaw.

Do mouth guards prevent concussions?

There have been no studies to date that show that mouth guards will prevent concussions. Concussions results from the brain being jarred and jostled. There is increasing evidence that concussions occur more frequently and resulting damage last longer and have permanent effects. This is particularly true in younger children. Do not be misled in believing claims that you or child would be protected by any mouth guard.

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