Pat McBridePeter Catalano, MD, FACS, FARS

Dr. Peter Catalano graduated with a BS from Columbia University School of Engineering, followed by an MD degree from The Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSH) in New York City.

He completed his residency at MSH and became a full-time faculty member (1990-1999) where he became an Associate Professor of Otolaryngology, Neurosurgery, and Maxillofacial Surgery.

He then became Chair of Otolaryngology at the Lahey Clinic (2000-2009), followed by Chair of Surgery and VP of Surgical Services at Caritas/Steward Health Care (2009-2012).

Currently, he is Chief of Otolaryngology at SEMC, Professor of Otolaryngology at Tufts University, Director of Rhinology fellowship (SEMC), and Medical Director of Research for Steward.

Academically active with over 340 invited lectures, 25 book chapters, 95+ peer-reviewed publications, member of the editorial board of 7 medical journals, and editor of 1 journal.

He is President and Founder of the Foundation for Innovation, Education and Research in Otolaryngology (2011-present), and organizer of two annual medical conferences, the Open Forum US and ENT Summit.

Dr. Catalano has worked with numerous medical device companies to help develop and commercialize minimally invasive surgical tools and techniques over the past 30 years of clinical practice.