Treating Sleep: More Than Just A Widget

Treating Sleep: More Than Just A Widget

To date, most dental sleep medicine providers have been addressing patients diagnosed with sleep apnea by delivering a sleep appliance (a “widget”) that largely moves the mandible forward to open up the airway. Unfortunately, widget-oriented therapy does not take consideration the entire spectrum of breathing disorders that might impact the upper airway, possible contraindications and successful long-term therapy.

To properly provide treatment to these patients, clinicians should perform a comprehensive examination of the patient that analyses the condition of the cranio-facial complex in relation to the upper airway, the temporomandibular joints and identify any other dental comorbidities.

The proposed therapy should also consider that the patient will wear their sleep appliance for at least three years or longer. Therefore, a proper recall system should be in place that monitors the patient’s progress through treatment and ensures long-term comfort and efficacy.

Following this comprehensive airway treatment model will ensure that practitioners are following the most current practice parameters on sleep disorders as issued by the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Sleep Disorders.

The SleepArchiTx 360° dental sleep program was designed specifically with this in mind. The SleepArchiTxTM system uniquely enables dentists to provide comprehensive, collaborative airway management therapy by working with board-certified sleep physicians to obtain the most comprehensive diagnosis. SleepArchiTx’s team of experts will support you by analyzing clinical records and evaluating the cranio-facial complex, airway and TMJ.

SleepArchiTx also provides 3D treatment planning services and consultation on restorative and ortho combo sleep therapy. Advanced customization of sleep appliances will minimize side effects and contra-indications. The end results are successful patient outcomes and higher medical reimbursement and case fees that come from superior quality care.
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