SDB Patients Benefit From Latest Tech


Technology, material advancements, CAD/CAM and precision engineered Medical Devices are transforming the way dentists treat Sleep-Disordered Breathing patients.

To date, most appliances were handmade by dental laboratories using artisanal designs and assembly processes that provided adequate solutions. Today, ProSomnus® provides precision engineered CAD/CAM Medical Devices designed to minimize side effects, be far more hygienic and improve effectiveness through better efficacy and compliance.

The patient centric design inputs allow for a higher degree of customization than ever before, which results in a better patient experience.

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies has the innovative [IA] Sleep Device with Iterative Advancement. This design is metal-free, extremely easy to keep clean and trades out sequential arches to advance the mandible to the therapeutic position.

The Continuous Advancement [CA] has a more traditional protrusion mechanism in the dual post design. Like the [IA], the posts are set at 90° to prevent unwanted retrusion during opening. The advancement mechanisms are also precision engineered to be bilaterally symmetrical to prevent torqueing the TMJ during treatment.

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