How to Get Started…

To get maximum benefit from your membership, please take a few minutes now to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Obtain A Good Picture of Yourself (optional)

Show off your good looks to members and the public.

– If possible, have handy a digital photo of yourself.  Make sure the photo is cropped to a width-to-height ratio of 3:4 (eg. 300px wide by 400px high).

– If you require it, we offer a built-in Photo Editor which can be accessed by clicking on “Edit My Photo” or “Edit My Directory Listing/Edit My Photo” in the Member Menu. If you need additional assistance with your photo, please contact

Step 2: Fill out your Member Profile

Your Member Profile contains the information about you that other members will see. 

– Once logged in to, you will see the Member Menu bar.  Please select “Members Forum/Edit My Member Profile”.

– Fill in your profile information and upload a picture.

– Save and Exit.

HINT: Our Forum is relatively new. We need members like you to start new topics, and join existing topics, so please participate! This will give you greater visibility to medical and dental practitioners. Here is a brief video that will help you complete the member profile and tour the Forum:

Step 3: Complete your Public Directory Listing

Your Directory Listing contains the information about you that the public will see.


– In the Member Menu, please select “My Public Directory Listing”. 

– Follow directions on the page, and be sure to complete all fields so that our editors can insert your profile in the directory. All information will be confirmed to our best effort.

Step 4: Subscribe to the AAPMD Blog 

Our AAPMD Blog informs you of the latest organization news.

– In the main menu, please click on “About AAPMD/AAPMD Blog”.

– Toward the upper right of the page, under the Member Menu, click on “Subscribe to Blog”. By completing this step, AAPMD will send the latest items to the email address you specified as a member.


Thank you! You are now ready to be part of the AAPMD community!