Dr. Hang is committed to teaching orthodontic approaches that do not retract the teeth regardless of the patient’s age.

OrthO2Health™ treatments are designed to develop the jaws forward, enhance facial balance, protect and/ or expand the airway and create beautiful smiles.

Orthotropics® for young children (5-10 years old) has been shown to change the direction of facial growth from downward and backward (long face) to more favorable horizontal growth. A study of Dr Hang’s patients shows an average improvement in the size of the airway for these patients of 23% in the oropharyngeal area. This may prevent snoring or OSA as an adult.

Non-extraction treatment and broadening of the arches is standard treatment for teens and adults wanting straight teeth.

Dr Hang has coined the term “Extraction Retraction Regret Syndrome™” of E.R.R.S.™ to describe those patients who have had extraction orthodontics and are suffering either functionally (pain/snoring or OSA), esthetically (dished in faces/small smiles), or emotionally (regretting the decision to have teeth extracted). These patients may be candidates to re-open the extraction spaces and have implants placed where the teeth were removed. Dr Hang is a pioneer in reversing E.R.R.S.™ and has been reopening extraction spaces with great success for almost 30 years.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a particular interest of Dr Hang’s. This can sometimes be treated with expansion, reopening extraction spaces, or in some cases surgery to bring both jaws forward.