Sleep or sex, which do you crave more?

Sleep or Sex

A recent survey published by Better Sleep Council declared some astounding facts about the sleep habits of Americans. Check out some of these survey findings below.Sleep or Sex

Of the statistically represented sample, it looks like sleep took the win, with 6 out of 10 American adults craving sleep more than sex. Some Americans even admitted to dozing off during sex. Results revealed that 58% of men tend to want sex more than sleep while only 21% of women crave sex instead of sleep. Results of the study also revealed that 45% of Americans are “sleeping around,” as in falling asleep in strange places at least once a week or more. Ranking in as some of the most unusual places that they were caught sleeping were a stranger’s apartment, tree/roof, walking, casino, drag races, and yoga class. Also, surprisingly, 8% of the participants surveyed hate their mattress, and the older you get so does your mattress apparently.

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