The City of Oakland Adopts Day Dedicated to Raising Airway Awareness

OAKLAND, CA – The City Council of Oakland recently adopted a resolution that officially proclaims June 13th as American Association of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry (AAPMD) Day.  The day recognizes AAPMD’s upcoming Oakland symposium on sleep disordered breathing, as well as a free screening for airway issues that could improve the lives of dozens of Oakland’s citizens.

Both the symposium and the screening promise to build awareness in the Oakland area of how sleep disturbed breathing can seriously affect the health, brain development and well-being of adults and children, and that early detection and treatment is key.

AAPMD recognizes the great work done by Pat McBride, a member of AAPMD’s board of directors, for bringing AAPMD’s mission to attention of the Oakland City Council.



For more information regarding the upcoming symposium in Oakland, follow this link.

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