Summit Presenter Demos Re-Opening Extraction Spaces

Reversing Bicuspid Extractions


Editor’s Note: This video comes to us by way of Dr. William Hang, an esteemed AAPMD Board member. This video’s message dovetails with our philosophy…


Reopening the bicuspid spaces that were closed after extraction orthodontics can produce better airways and health, as well as beautiful smiles and faces. Is this a treatment option offered to your patients?

Connecting the Dots:

Four bicuspid extraction for orthodontic treatment retracts the upper and lower jaws and can lead to flatter faces, a diminished airway, along with health, pain, performance and sleep problems. For the airway-aware restorative dentist, reversal using this combined orthodontic restorative technique allows the care of the patient’s airway to be the priority and produces results with good function, beautiful aesthetics and better health. Yes, it can and is being done.


A comprehensive evaluation that may involve an orthodontist, restorative dentist, sleep specialist, ENT, myofunctional therapist and others can produce treatment outcomes and success as shown in this video. Dr. William Hang has pioneered this collaborative treatment. 

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