The Mouth / Brain Connection

All people need to understand the power of the mouth – brain connection, in which infections and diseases present in the mouth today can be the source of mind-altering conditions in the brain tomorrow.

Gain Weight, Lose Memory

Gain Weight Lose Memory

Research completed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has determined a link between chronic obesity and cognitive decline, caused by epigenetic changes that affect memory-associated genes. A particular … Read More

Which Diet Is Best For You?

What Diet Is Best

The federal government recently released the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which points out that we need to consume less protein and less sugar, or do we? These guidelines profoundly … Read More

Sleep Apnea And Gout

Sleep Apnea And Gout

A recent study published in Arthritis and Rheumatology has proven an association between sleep apnea and gout, which is a painful disease affecting one’s joints, specifically the big toe. Gout … Read More

Prognostic Tool for Pneumonia

Prognostic Tool for Pneumonia

Although many interventions for pneumonia exist, nearly 15% of childhood deaths worldwide occur due to pneumonia. A pneumococcal vaccination helps reduce a child’s chance of developing pneumonia, but this may … Read More