Orofacial Myology Certification

IAOM Orofacial Myology

As the profession’s oldest and largest orofacial myology certification organization, the IAOM is a partnership of professionals, educators and colleagues. We take great pride in our contributions to the field … Read More

Facial Orthotropics and Your Practice


The North American Association of Facial Orthotropics is a group of professionals who promote Orthotropics®, a natural way to achieve optimal growth, a balanced facial profile, and a larger airway. … Read More

SDB Patients Benefit From Latest Tech


Technology, material advancements, CAD/CAM and precision engineered Medical Devices are transforming the way dentists treat Sleep-Disordered Breathing patients. To date, most appliances were handmade by dental laboratories using artisanal designs … Read More

Treating Sleep: More Than Just A Widget

Treating Sleep: More Than Just A Widget

To date, most dental sleep medicine providers have been addressing patients diagnosed with sleep apnea by delivering a sleep appliance (a “widget”) that largely moves the mandible forward to open … Read More