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Breathe Insitute Local/Virtual Network and Study Collab

We are pleased to announce that CoLAB Virtual Meetings will be held quarterly. These are meetings of the study clubs led by AAPMD Liaisons who are passionate and energetic supporters of Collaboration Cures.

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It is recommended you share information about coronavirus with your team members and patients. As a public service, we are offering a sample letter you can use for patient emails, social media posts and for "snail" mailings. You may customize the letter to conform with your practice's protocols.

In addition, there's an infographic from Johns Hopkins University that describes important aspects of the disease - print and post around the office!


Great FREE COVID-19 Webinars!

"The Difference a Day Makes"

Thursday, March 26 | 1pm-2pm EDT

Please reserve your seat for the Collaborative Case Study featuring Dr. Howard Hindin as the at-risk patient for the COVID-19 virus and Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz as his treating physician. This case study shares a very real story of how a collaborative network of experts across the globe uniquely brings home the importance of the Collaboration Cures Mission.

Learn how important your network is and how the developing story indicates the wave of the future in patient care when every hour counts.

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"Update - Coronavirus Update on Your Life & Health"

Ahvie Herskovitz, MD

Back by popular demand! This is the latest in an ongoing series by Dr. Herskowitz bringing you the latest information about the coronavirus, safeguards, treatments as well as progress on testing and vaccines. Also, now that practices have re-opened, there are testing, treatments, and suggestions that integrated practitioners can offer to fine-tune the immune system.


In Memoriam

Dr. William Charles Dement
(July 29, 1928 - June 17, 2020)

We all stand on the shoulders of giants.

The AAPMD is saddened by the loss of Dr. Dement, one of the most important pioneers in the development of sleep medicine. Dr. Howard Hindin offers these words in his memory...

Dr. William “Bill” Dement, the “Father of Sleep Medicine,” passed away at the age of 91. He was an American sleep disorder pioneer and founder of Stanford's Sleep Research Center.

Dr. Dement’s early interest and research led to the creation of the sleep medicine specialty. We stand on the shoulders of this pioneer. He established the path we follow to improve health through better sleep, to save and restore lives through the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, and to recognize that “drowsiness is a red alert."

We were honored to have Dr. Dement appear at AAPMD's symposium on airway issues in Oakland on June 14, 2013 where he was interviewed by AAPMD’s co-founder, Dr. Michael Gelb. Take a few minutes to enjoy the video and honor this great leader, teacher and researcher.


Sleep Disordered Breathing
sleep doctor directory
Child Growth and Development - Sleep Disordered Breathing
Academic Performance and Sleep Disordered Breathing


AAPMD shall provide its members the tools, the ability and the competency to recognize the role and importance of optimal airway anatomy and physiology and its effect on sleep, health, development, performance and function. This will be accomplished by:

  • Promoting interdisciplinary collaboration

  • Fostering public awareness 

  • Developing innovative educational programs

  • Promoting optimal treatment

  • Promoting research